Best Gym Equipments untapped Review

You do not need a special occasion or a particular to work out. If you are serious about getting into shape, you’ll find enough motivation from people in your gym who work out extensively. Though regular gymming drains your stamina and you find excuses to miss your gym, admit it that this won’t help to bring you back in shape. But if you have self-determination and willpower, you can easily get back into shape. Here’s a list of gym equipment which can help you lose that extra ounce and get that toned body. You can check out for the pointers specified in each machine to be present in the reviews of products you are buying.


Rowing Machine


If you want to burn calories from muscle areas, then make rowing machine part of your daily workout, as it explicitly puts pressure on arms and thigh muscles and helps them build up in good form.

Elliptical Machine


The benefits of an elliptical machine are endless. It not only eases the pain in the calf muscles of your legs but also helps in relieving the back pain. This equipment also does great wonders for joint. So, the elliptical machine is a good bet for you.



Do you even need an answer what benefits treadmill has? It is like asking, what are the advantages of a gym. Jogging in the parks or on the pedestrians is equivalent to exercising on a treadmill every day. Running is an overall exercise and helps you lose weight real quick. Besides, a benefit of the treadmill is you don’t have to breathe in the pollution or distract yourself from those cacophonic beeps on the road. A fun fact here: Do you know treadmills were used as cruel prison punishment in the UK for criminals until 1898 when the UK government abolished it on the grounds that it was an inhuman practice. Shocking no!


download (2)

Ah!  Beloved gym equipment for every gym enthusiast. Dumbbells come in different weights, and nowadays, there is also some adjustable weight gym equipment available in the market. So if you are thinking of buying a pair of them for home uses as well, go for the adjustable ones.

Pull Up Bars


To make your arms really strong and you are ready to go that extra mile in making your muscles, pull up bars is just the right equipment for. Exercising on pull up bars is exhausting as it takes a lot of energy and will make you sweat a lot.

Medicine Balls

download (3)

This equipment is for those who are tired from all day’s work but still muster some will power to exercise every day in order to keep their body slim and fit. One can do squats, curls, and sit-ups without exhausting oneself from heavy work out. In this way, your daily exercise will be done without even getting sweaty and greasy.

It’s high time you get up from your bed, gather that will power in you and go to the nearest gym or do bit exercising at home with such equipment which are not even too costly. Go and shed that extra ounce to get into shape. Summers are around the corner, and you definitely want to look your best in minimal clothes!

Top selling cameras review

The first thing we could do when we buy products of bigger investment like the camera is to read the best product reviews. Here is the list of most well-received cameras from many top brands including Canon and Nikon. All the cameras in the list have the features that need to be in the product reviews, which any camera enthusiast would like to have.

Nikon Coolpix L340

The Coolpix L340 from Nikon is the updated version for the L330 and the camera is superzoom and bridge-style camera with a low-cost. The reason for the incredible sale of L340 is the 28x of the optical zoom that provides the 35mm of the equivalent focal length of 22.5 to 630 mm. The source of power of the camera is four of the AA batteries. In addition, it captures the images on the 20.2 MP of the sensor. The camera costs at around £99.


  • The camera has an LCD screen of 3-inch which provides you the satisfactory view of the pictures.
  • The battery life of the camera is 370 shots.


  • The camera cannot capture videos with 1080p resolution.
  • The LCD monitor of the camera has limited viewing of the angles which is quite inconvenient for the users to judge the contrast and the exposure of the pictures.
  • There is no rechargeable battery pack with the camera.


Sony DSC W830

The DSC W830 by Sony is a point and shoot camera that comes at low-price, and it is worth the price. The camera has 8x of optical zoom, 720p video package, 20 megapixels of resolution in the light and compact body. The features and performance of DSC W830 are better than the cheap compacts available in the market while still maintaining the price in double digits. At the cost at which the W830 comes, it is understandable for the 1080p video or the Wifi to be absent. But the camera basics of the W830 are useful and pretty good.


●     Stabilization of Image in camera is easy.

●     The camera has face detection and focusing feature.

●     The camera comes with the high-resolution sensor of 20.0MP.

●     It has a light body weight of 122g.


●     There is no wireless connection in the camera.

●     It does not have the built-in viewfinder.

●     The camera does not have the manual resolution option.


Canon EOS 1200D

With the EOS 1200D by Canon, the DSLR photography is easy even for the amateurs. The EOS 1200D entry model of DSLR by Canon has many user-friendly and easy to manage features with the creative filters. The natural character of the camera allows the users using for the first time to capture memorable photographs with all the details and the fantastic background blur. The camera has CMOS sensor of 18 megapixel and LCD monitor of 3-inches to help the users get a good view.


  • The ISO performance of the EOS 1200D is excellent.
  • It has an EOS app for guidance which is handy and useful.
  • The price of the camera is pretty reasonable for the features it offers.
  • Operating even for new users is easy.


  • The live view of the camera is not able to use the autofocus correctly.
  • The resolution of the LCD is not high.
  • The burst mode of the camera is slow.

Canon EOS 700D

The Canon’s EOS 700D is one of the recognized brands producing the best cameras one can have, and the 700D is another great model by Canon. A lot of the features of 700D is similar to the 650D from Canon. These functions include the 14 point processor of Digic 5 and the 18 million of pixels. The camera has the hybrid autofocus which was present in the 650D as well. Canon has lived up to its reputation of introducing the best cameras with the EOS 700D.


●     It has a responsive touch-screen with vari-angle.

●     The camera has a high-quality video.

●     The sensor of the camera can record sharp details.


●     The camera does not have Wi-fi connectivity options.

●     It does not have new sensors.

●     The camera does not have a dynamic range as the other Canon cameras.

●     The ratio of signal to noise is quite less as compared to other.

After reading these reviews of products, you must buy the best camera for you. After all, it is a one-time investment. So, make sure to invest in the best of all.

How To Download Material Icons Officially from Google

Material design, a design language by Google uses material icons. Material icons are straightforward in their use and well crafted. They are the point of attraction of Material Design. You can use them in your website or projects. (Android/iOS) They are simple, efficient and reliable to use. The icons are crafted in such a way that makes them readable in big as well as small size. These high resolutions icons are optimized in a beautiful manner; they symbolize their exact purpose in a minimal form. They use geometric shape to represent the central idea. There is a full set of material design icons available online.

material icons


The material icons are useful for the app developers as well as for the designers working on their prototype. The icons are at one’s disposal, and you can effortlessly incorporate them into your work. Those who want to integrate a useful icon in the web can try “Web font.” It lets you use the icons on the web. Moreover, it is user-friendly. You can use the online guide to learn about the same.

Download the material icons

You can officially download the material icons in two ways.

Method 1

The material icons can be downloaded in various formats such as SVG or PNG. You can download them on a condition to not to resell it but you can post it anywhere with credit.

Follow the steps to download the Material Icons officially from Google.

  • Go to the Material Icon library or type in your address bar. Google has a library for more than 900 different material icons. These are available in various sizes and densities.
  • You will find a list of material icons such as Notification, places, social, image, hardware, file, action, alert or editor
  • Place the cursor on the one, which you require and click. You can either choose SVG or PNG format to download the icon. Here I have select “Backup”.
  • material-icons-2
  • To insert the icon on your site, just click on either format, a zip file will be downloaded.
  • To set up the Icon font, follow the instructions given to embed the font in your website. Use the stated code to complete the process.

Method 2

The icon set is available at git repository. It makes it simplistic and accessible for use by the developers or designers. It consists of all the important formats. Follow the given steps to download the icons successfully.

  • Go to GitHub and search for Google Material design icons or follow
  • You will get a catalog of icons with their You need to click on “Find File” to locate
    the desired icon.
  • Click on the required icon and download it. You can even download the complete material design icons file. (60.8 MB)

Final Words

You can use any of the above procedures to download the material icons. These are light-weight, feasible and convenient. They will help you in your app development, website or any other project. You need to make sure to not to sell them ahead as this will violate the license criteria.

Best VPN Apps for Android to protect your internet browsing

VPN is the short way around of the virtual private network which is used for the safe surfing. If you are doing any work by using the public WIFI, then your work will be through VPN and your privacy will be maintained. VPN are the tools, which provide the best security and privacy to your data and surfing. You can use them to in the firewall, which restricts you from working in the specific region.


There are some best VPN apps, which can be used by the Android users in order to keep their data secure in the restricted area.

1. Express VPN

Express VPN is known for the providing the best VPN service to the Android users and others also. This app is extremely fast and safe for the users, and they can do their work with high speed. It does not eat your battery by running in the background; it will automatically be off once you stop using it and close the application.  It will provide a safe environment to your phones if you are using any public WIFI or firewall restricted network. It provides unlimited bandwidth and 256-bit encryption.


VYPR VPN s considered to be the most robust VPN users for the Android users. They have a wide range of servers worldwide i.e. 700+ servers. They also have 200,000+ IP addresses and made the access of data secure with open VPN and 256-bit encryption. The app is one of the best VPN apps in the market. In order to keep your data and files secured, they provide you the cloud storage in many packages. It is not at costly as compared to other VPN apps, and you can easily afford it for your android phones in order to keep your data and files secure.

3.F-secure Freedom VPN

The app is best for the Android users who are not comfortable with the VPN usage and does not have a comprehensive knowledge of VPN. This app ensures the safety of the data and files at the very low cost and provides you very slick and easy interface. It also has an inbuilt virus scanner which will protect your phone with any kind of viruses which can enter your phone if you are using any public WIFI. You can have the free trial of this app for two consecutive weeks, and if you feel satisfied with the performance of the app, then you can purchase it according to your need.

4.Fast secure VPN

As the name itself defines everything, this VPN app is highly safe and secured for the android users and also provides fast speed for all the functioning. It has a self-explanatory interface which provides the facility to the users to use the VPN and Internet in the regions which are restricted for specific websites. It contains moderately good features which secure your data and files from getting hacked or lost.

Final Words

All these VPN apps are best for the Android users, and each app has different functionalities so that you can use the app according to your need.

The 4 best applications for youtube video sharing and watching

We all are well versed with YouTube, the site that is provided by Google. It is one of the most famous platforms for sharing videos, uploading, watching and embedding, too. There’s everything one can find, under the application named ‘YouTube’, when it concerned about the android users. But there are several drawbacks with the android app. Not just drawbacks, there are certain bugs that aren’t fixed since a long time.

There are many clients that enable us to download or embed the videos we loved, to watch them at our ease! They aren’t basically the perfect alternative, but they are the YouTube clients, to be specific. These apps work with the clients, allowing you to watch the videos offline, in the background even while texting and many more features that have been skipped down by the YouTube.

There are many applications available on the Google Play store, for the android users, which have features that are simply amazing. You can share videos, watch them online and embed them as well. Here’s the list of four best apps that have taken the app store by storm, just after their launch.

OG YouTube

og youtube

It ranks amongst the top YouTube clients that are very much similar to the official YouTube client. The best feature about this one app is that it allows the video to be downloaded quite easily. There’s a ‘download’ button below each video when you go in to watch it. The user can also go for the ‘convert to mp3′ option very easily. With all these features available, one cannot just find the bugs in this app. Also, the videos are of High definition, leaving no room for blurred content. It is also reviewed by many users as ‘one of the best YouTube clients available on Google Play store, for android lovers’

YTD Downloader

youtube downloader

 A similar application to the OGYouTube, it allows you to download the videos directly from the official YouTube link. There are more than a hundred of downloads since the app became live on the internet and the app store. The videos get downloaded directly into the internal storage, just after one click of the button ‘download’. Being very easy to use and easy to download as well, even it has become one of the famous YouTube clients in the Play store by Google.



 For the blog owners and the people who love watching videos with friends in real-time, this application is the perfect one. It allows the videos to get embedded on your blogs and also, it gives HD quality videos. When it comes to this app, the reviews are better off than many of the YouTube clients available for the android users. Not just the videos, it also allows the user to embed and place the links of the channels as a whole. The channels are easy to operate too, especially for the YouTubers across the globe.

New Pipe

new pipe

 It is the easiest application to download and install in one’s android phone. The best and salient feature about this app is that they have their app based on the YouTube RED. Being brought straight from RED, new pie allows the user to download, embed and also, convert the videos to audio. The video is allowed to play in the background too.

When it comes to the YouTube clients, arguably, every application is more or less a replicate of the other. All you need to be careful of while installing any of the clients on your phone is to ensure how efficient and effective the application is. The reviews and ratings of the apps play an important role in the store.


How to get unlimited points in android games for free?

Android games are some of the most interesting games to play, which includes various categories, levels and interesting characters that are fun to be with. However, to make most of the game and continue playing it, the user must have sufficient money or coins in it. These coins or money gives them access to different products, which enhances the gaming experience and also gives them better control. Such coins are available for real cash, but not every user would be willing to spend money on the same. Considering the same, we have brought forth certain ways which can be followed for having access to coins, money, and gems in the game.

freedom apk free download

Get your device rooted

Well, one of the essentials of getting coins for free is to get your Android device rooted. This shall enable you download apk.files and have access to unlimited coins. The phone can be rooted either with the assistance of professionals or you can simply reach out to the internet or follow simple steps to get the phone rooted within no time.

Hack Android Games

Next step to proceed with is hacking Android game and keep enjoying an unlimited supply of coins in the game. Believe me, once you have hacked the game, you will be able to enjoy extended features which were earlier not accessible. This means you can earn coins, money, points etc. and enjoy supreme powers to stay on top of the game.

Steps to hack Android game

Well, hacking Android game is not a difficult thing to do you have to just follow simple steps mentioned below and get full control of your mobile.

  • Download freedom apk and install it on your Android phone
  • Open the apk. file and allow root permission to the app.
  • Now, look for the Android game you wish to play and get coins loaded.
  • Make sure to check your current account, money or game value. Say if you have 1500 coins in the game; make sure to keep that in mind.
  • Now, approach the game freedom app and type in the number of coins you already have in the game. Upon typing the coins, click on search and then select “auto identity”.
  • Within no time, the search shall be completed by the application and it will give you authority to modify the number of coins in your game.
  • On the following screen, you can enter any number you wish to get loaded in your game. It can be 10000, 100000 anything and then click ok.
  • Once you are done, minimize the game killer screen of your phone.

Following above steps you have successfully hacked your Android game. To reconfirm, just go to the game and have a look at the number of coins presently available in the game. To your surprise, you would see that the number has increased to the one you modified.


From above mentioned facts, hacking your android game and getting unlimited access to coins is an easy thing to do. All you have to do is hack the game and keep enjoying never ending features in the game.

Cell Phone Power Banks: Pros and Cons of the use of a Power Bank

In today’s rapid-paced generation, it’s far critical to attend to your cell Smartphone‘s desires. It is not always feasible to feed full rate on your Cellphone before leaving the house. Except, one frequently stays out for lengthy hours for the duration of which era the Telephone’s battery keeps shrinking. Quite often, we run out of price and it is then that the panic button starts off evolved to scream loud. Having a Strength Bank can be an excellent strategy to solve this hassle. It does function a perfect tool to rescue our phones throughout pressing moments. Alternatively, one also can have a backup battery and healthy it into the Telephone while the authentic one gets exhausted.

best power banks in India

Here are the fundamental Pros and cons of a Mobile Cellphone Power Bank


Portable: Power banks miles, in easy phrases, a charger which is Portable. You could bring it to the workplace or all through a holiday. It does not require any electric powered socket. So, You may charge your Cellphone even when you are traveling or holidaying internal a woodland. Its portability genuinely helps you to stay away from the dreadful scenario when the Cell runs out of life.
Contains very excessive Electricity: The device Contains very excessive Energy. Consequently, it is able to serve you more than one numbers of instances. As an instance, You could get your Phone charged on multiple event. Also, if you are going for a holiday over the weekend, a Chinese language Mobile Telephone Electricity Financial institution can final you at some point of the entire experience.
Charges universally: The top notch component approximately an Electricity Financial institution is that it acts as a conventional charger. It manner that it’s far compatible to nearly all forms of devices. You may select all types of phones that you have inclusive of Android, Blackberry and even iPhones. Besides, it really works for all manufacturers from Nokia to Samsung to Motorola.
Affordable price: Power banks far priced moderately and does no longer positioned an excessive amount of stress in your pockets.
More than one socket for more than one charging: Most Electricity banks include a couple of sockets so that you can plug in more than one Telephone. One cannot miss checking out the best affordable power banks in India


Bulky: One minor demerit of a Chinese Strength Financial institution is that it’s far a tad Cumbersome. Power banks are far thick and has greater weight. So, while you are carrying it around, it’s going to feel a chunk inconvenient given that it’ll upload load to your handbag.
Comes with USB cable: In today’s wireless age, this device uses a USB cable, which is any other small setback.
Frivolous expenditure: Power banks could simply be another frivolous expenditure for you in case you do no longer travel loads or aren’t dependent on your Cellphone for legitimate paintings. The majority do locate it very useful. But for some, It could just now not be well worth the charge.

Universal, it’s miles true that a Cell Smartphone Electricity Financial institution has its percentage of cons. However inside the cutting-edge context, it is easy to properly surmise that its benefits without difficulty outnumber and outweigh its dangers. Consequently, the general recommendation could be to think significantly about buying it.

Best voice changer softwares for windows & MAC PC/Laptop

Create Fake voice with Voice Changer for PC

Apart from the immensely important role that gadgets play in our life, they are also a primary means of entertainment for us. Be it playing games, watching videos, listening to songs or much more gadgets have become an integral part of our life. One activity that has however been picking up pace and gaining popularity in the recent times is to post videos with a fake voice or a modified one. Such videos have become a common sight on various social networking websites. If you are wondering where to make such videos from, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best voice changer software that will let you change or modify your voice. So let’s get to it.

  • VoiceMaster

voice master voice changer

One of the most popular and best voice changer software, VoiceMaster is very efficient at transforming your voice into one of the many voice samples available with this software. Just installing this software on your computer will open a whole new world of voice changing for you. You can then use this software to morph your voice into some funny or interesting voice that you can use to play pranks on your friends. One of the best voice transformer software available on the internet, we suggest you download the VoiceMaster if you want to experiment with your voice.

You can get this voice changer for PC for free by clicking this link.

  • AV Voice Changer

voice changer for pc

This voice changer app available for free download is one of the most versatile and feature rich voice synthesizer available on the internet. AV Voice Changer comes loaded with features that find use in a number of situations. To begin with, Av Voice changer lets you morph your voice which you can then use for a number of purpose such as voice-over and voice dubbing for audio/video clips, presentations, narrations, voice messages, voice mails, E-greeting cards, broadcasting, etc. Not only that, if you’re a voice editing professional, Av Voice Changer can be of even more use to you as it interfaces with most professional voice editor programs such as Adobe Captivate, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Sony Sound Forge and many more such softwares. It also works flawlessly with most online gaming services and video calling services.

You can get this voice changer for PC for free by clicking this link.

  • Voxal Voice Changer

best voice changer

Coming with a number of voice changing effects, Voxal is another voice changing software that you should try if you’re looking for voice changing softwares online. One of the best voice changing software, Voxal comes with a simple and easy to use UI that lets you convert your voice into a number of different voices. It also includes a clownfish voice changer, something that is very popular these days. Voxal works with all existing softwares on your computer that make use of a mic. You can also apply the effects to existing voice samples. Live voice hangover that Voxal offers can be used with online gaming services and voice and video calling services such as Skype, Viber etc.

You can get this voice changer for PC for free by clicking this link.

  • Skype Voice Changer

skype voice changer tutorial

A voice changer designed specifically for changing your voice during a live call on Skype, the Skype Voice changer is the software to get if you want to change your voice only for Skype. This simple to use and minimalistic software works live and not with pre-recorded audio. However, if you buy the pro version you will be able to record your voice-over and also use the voice changing capabilities of the software on pre-recorded sounds.

You can get this voice changer for PC for free by clicking this link.

  • MorphVOX Pro

top voice changer for windows pc

Serving not only as a voice changing software but also as an efficient sound editing software, MorphVox Pro offers you much more than you asked for. The software comes loaded with many pre-set voice overs which you can always increase by downloading free voice and sound packs. The background feature is a special feature that is absent from most voice changing softwares. This feature lets you add sound in the background while you’re talking, giving the impression that you’re in middle of something noisy. Another very interesting feature that makes it one of the best voice changer software is that is offers background noise cancellation, something that is not common.

You can get this voice changer for PC for free by clicking this link.

So this was our list of the best voice changer for PC. Let us know about some good softwares that we missed in the comments below and stay tuned for more.

Where to Get My Name Ringtone for Free & Download

This post consists of the list of all possible resources to download Your name ringtone.


FDMR name ringtone

One of the best and easily accessible websites on the internet, Free Download Mobile Ringtone or F.D.M.R as it is popularly known lets you convert your name into a ringtone which you can then download to use as your ringtone. In order to do this, you have to like their Facebook page and then send their page a message with the desired request. You will then be put on waiting list. As soon as the list clears and it is your number, your requested will be entertained and you will then be sent the link to your ringtone download link.

Download you name ringtone from Free Download Mobile Ringtone from here.



Taking the standard “my name ringtone free download” website and adding new features to it, LAZYtone brings many more features. You can add your name and a song from their vast library to make a unique ringtone for your phone. Just enter your name and the name of the song and the website will create a customized ringtone for you. Can’t find your name? Just post a message on their Facebook page and they will get back to you soon.

A website for name ringtone download, you can get the ringtone from here.

Ringtone Maza


This website allows you to download a variety of name ringtones that are already available on the website. These cover all the common names from the letter A-Z. Can’t find your name? No need to worry, You can also create your own name ringtone using the website’s Android APK. An easy to use method for creating and downloading your name ringtone.

You can get a lot of free caller tunes for cell phones from Ringtone Maza by clicking here.

Your Name Ringtone


Coming with a huge library of preset ringtones, YourNameRingtone is another website that you can use for downloading our name ringtone for free. You have a variety of ringtone to choose from, including wife calling, husband calling, boss calling, girlfriend calling and many such others. Don’t find what you were looking for? No problem, just request your name and your name ringtone will be made accessible to you.

One of the best my name ringtone free download websites, you can access it by clicking here.

Name ringtone download Android apps

My Name Ringtone Maker


Here are the feature of the My Name Ringtone Maker app:

  • Enter your name and a ringtone will be created for you.
  • Can play for test.
  • Save your name ringtone and set as caller tune of your friend.
  • Change language to speak ringtone.
  • There are lots of male and female voices at your dispense to create my name caller tune ringtone.
  • Display show list of downloaded and created ringtones.

You can download the “My Name Ringtone Maker” name ringtone software by clicking here.

My name ringtone


Here are the features of the My Name Ringtone app:

  • Free to use app.
  • Simple UI.
  • Create fun and interesting ringtones.
  • Just enter the text and the ringtone will be created for you.

Get this name ringtone software for Android from here

My name ringtone announce


Here are the features of the My Name Ringtone Announce app:

  • The app will announce the name of the caller and the number from which they’re calling you in case you have two contacts with the same name.
  • If the contact is not saved then speaks Unknown Caller & number
  • Whenever you receive a call on your mobile, the app will announce the caller’s name and number.
  • Mobile Speaks the Caller Name
  • Enable / Disable the Caller Name announcers

Get this name ringtone software for Android from here.

Name ringtones

name ringtones

Here are the features of the Name Ringtones app:

  • More than 5000 name ringtones.
  • More than 1500 names.
  • All ringtones are free.
  • Very easy to use.
  • List ringtones by names.
  • Search ringtones easy.
  • Listen and download ringtones free.
  • Using this app, set the caller tone for your phone.
  • Always update more ringtones.

Get this name ringtone software for Android from here.

So this was our article on where to get my name ringtone free download. Know some more websites where we can get my name ringtones for free? Get back to us in the comments below and stay tuned for more.